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A promo from Cartoon Network with the Powerpuff Girls characters.


  • Man: We're here to take control of our anger. Let's start with a little role play. I'll be you. You be a Powerpuff Girl. Hello, May.
  • Giovanni: Um, oh, Mr. Giovanni.
  • Man: I'm sensing some hostility. Why are you so upset?
  • Giovanni: I go to the Mini-Mart. I see this. Does anyone ask Giovanni's permission? No. Does Giovanni make any money? No. Powerpuff Girls take everything!
  • Man: Calm down.
  • Giovanni: We'll see how calm you are when I destroy the world.
  • Man: Let's do a little perspective check. Giovanni's upset over a keychain. Now he wants to destroy the world. Is that reasonable?
  • Ace: Sounds reasonable.
  • Man: Who here wants to destroy the world?
  • (Villains Raise their Hands)
  • Man: What are we here to take control of?
  • Villains: The universe!
  • Man: No, our emotions, our anger. So let's take all our anger, put it in a little ball, and let it go. Release your anger.
  • (Villains Argue)
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