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Culprits from A Boy Named Max.


Season 1:

  1. Red Claw (A Bicycle Built for Boo!)
  2. Fat Cat's Frenc Cousin as Mr Buckston (The Sludge Monster from the Earth's Core)
  3. Don Lino as Larry P Acme
  4. Mepps as Wendel McWendel
  5. Shenzi as Prestina
  6. Ed the hyena as Manny the Mauler
  7. Mr Capone as Mr Dayton
  8. Quacker Jack as Al
  9. Mole as Jack
  10. Dojin as Mr Ryan
  11. Flintheart goldman as Mr Gordon
  12. Wobbuffet as Mr Trixenstuff

Season 2:

  1. Madame Mim as Barbara Simone
  2. Mr Dilton as Himself
  3. Casmer as Himself
  4. Spikky Johnson as Himself
  5. Bradley Uppercrust III AS Wormsley
  • Sullivan (Terror, Thy Name is Zombo)

Season 3: