1701Movies' spoof of 1980-1984 of Richie Rich it will appears on youtube in the near future


  • Richie Rich - Rai (Tai Chi Chaser)
  • Dollar - Scooby
  • Gloria Glad - Sena (Tai Chi Chaser)
  • Reggie Van Dough - Nathan (Alvin and the Chipmunks meet the Wolfman)
  • Cadbury - Dave Seville (Alvin and the Chipmunks)
  • Mr. Rich - King Endymion (Sailor Moon)
  • Mrs. Rich - Neo Queen Serenity (Sailor Moon)
  • Professor Keenbean - Clyde Crashcup (The Alvin Show)
  • Irona the Robot - Helga (Dinosaur King)
  • Mayda Munny - Herself
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