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Scat cat attack cheese.jpg

A running gag in which Scat Cat has a cheese attack in Oliver and Fievel Rescue Rangers.

Episodes Used In:

  1. Piratsy Under the Sea
  2. Catteries Not Included
  3. Krypto the Wonderdog
  4. Out to Launch
  5. The Carpetsnaggers
  6. To the Rescue Part 2
  7. To the Rescue Part 3
  8. To the Rescue Part 4
  9. A Lad in a Lamp
  10. Battle of the Bulge
  11. Does Pavlov Ring a Bell
  12. A Creep in the Deep
  13. Sid's Science Project
  14. Seer No Evil
  15. When Cats Were Men
  16. Weather or Not
  17. Love is a Many Splintered Thing
  18. Mind Your Cheese and Q's
  19. Out of Scale
  20. Le Purr-Fect Crime
  21. Rest Home Rangers
  22. A Lean on the Property
  23. The Pied Piper Power Play
  24. Flounder Come Home