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  •  ????:Father Father Rufus Get Help
  • Rufus:Yes Help Once of Course
  •  ???:Father
  • Max Taylor:Ron Talk ot Me What Happened
  • Ron Stoppable:Gary Umbush
  • (Rex Picks Ron take him away)
  • Kasumi:No
  • Max Taylor:It's All Right Budy We Here for ya
  • (when ron max rex and misty go to pride rock Queen beryl looks for Percy)
  • Queen Beryl:(Sad) Aldrin Watch Over My Poor Percy (Turns angry) you......(Jumps at Gary) YOU
  • (Gary Looks and Queen Bery Scratch him at his Left Eye and screams for pain Looks shocked he has the same scar as Aldrin Klordane on his left eye)
  • Queen Beryl:What....Have..you Done!
  • Gary Oak:I Didn't I Mean to O Wasn't My Fault I Didn't Nothing
  • Queen Beryl (Angrily) Exactly and Doing so you Betrayed your Pride Betrayed Aldrin!!
  • Gary Oak:(Angrily) I Want Nothing More to with Him!!
  • Queen Beryl:You Cannot Escape it Percy is Death Because of you
  • Gary Oak:No
  • Queen Beryl:You Killed your Own Brother
  • Gary Oak (Runs Away) NO!!!
  • Queen Beryl:Let Him Go Ron has Heard Me For the Last Time Now He's Has Corrupted Gary Listen to Me Ron is Injured and Weak Now is the Time to Attack We Will take His Entire Kingdom By Force
  • (The Anime Girls Roars and Queen Beryl Laughing Evily)