Tori's Rival

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"Tori's Rival" is the first part of the third episode of season one of Tori's Laboratory. It later re-aired as the first part of episode 12 in season one. In this episode, Tori meets Mandark Astronomonov, who quickly turns out to be better than Tori himself.


Tori becomes arch enemies with a new student at the school named Mandark who appears to be smarter than him and steals his title of being the smartest kid in school.


  • Tori as Dexter (Tai Chi Chasers)
  • Dee Dee - Bonnie (Pokemon)
  • Mandark - Himself
  • Mr. Luzinsky - Professor Oak (Pokemon)


  • Bonnie: Hi, Tori! (Echoes)
  • (Mandark Looks at Bonnie Walking Away)
  • Mandark: Tori!
  • Tori: What do you want?
  • Mandark: Who is that?
  • Tori: Oh, that's just my stupid sister, Bonnie.
  • Mandark: Bonnie. Oh, what a heavenly name the eternals have blessed her with.


  • This episode is re-aired as the first part of Episode 12.


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